Bringing a robust new crypto currency to Casinos and iGaming

JoyGaming has committed itself to delivering a new Gaming experience to the world. Our vision is to enable many independent software developers to readily bring their casino games and content to market in a safe and secure way that is beneficial for the Developer, the Player and the Operator. Using blockchain technology, we have devised a way to improve satisfaction by making all transactions instant and transparent, with the consumer at the heart of it all and with massive cost savings available to the operator.


JoyGaming has launched its first cryptocurrency designed to work with blockchain based casino games. The online Gambling market is worth $51Bn per annum and operators cover transaction fees that can cost up to 5% of their revenues. This allows for 2 benefits:

1.     Increased operator profitability

2.     Instant transfer of funds

With this market being highly competitive, moving to cryptocurrnecy can help established casinos maximise their profitability and can help fledgling casinos to take off and establish themselves more easily in the market.


We offer a better gaming experience for all. Using blockchain enables us to have a simple and transparent system that removes the need for trust in the casino. Using the ERC20 standard, all content provided by JoyGaming will give players the ability to audit all information related to their transactions.

Due to the unique way that JoyGaming has been built, we do not intend to serve only our own content and will enable a new generation of games developers to create new and innovative content. It is our aim to establish ourselves as an alternative to the major mainstream games vendors and plug our games into a large array of top tier operators. JoyGaming is unique in the way that it already has agreements and relationships in place with iGaming Software Solutions used by a vast array of operators, allowing us to reach a large player base very quickly. This solution is beneficial to the developer in the way that it saves around $100k in Licencing, verification and publication costs and should only take 3 months to get their game to market, compared with around 12 that it would take for them to publish themselves.

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Size of the online gambling market in $ USD billions. Source:

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Joy also works closely with PlayCosmo, a sister casino company which is set to be running wagers of £15,000,000 in wagers per month. It is our ambition to have JoyGaming games at the front and centre of this.



Private Placement Enquiries please direct emails to [email protected] .


For developers, the current system is costly and time consuming. A developer needs to get their game up to the regulatory and compliance codes, obtain licences for distribution and to then take their game to the market and secure B2B deals. JoyGaming takes the pain out of this and greatly reduces costs.

  1. 1.     We review the games, ensure they meet the code and submit for regulatory review
  2. 2.     We have our licence and publish all content under an agreement with the developers
  3. 3.     We form the relationships and agreements with the casino operators to publish the content.

It makes life easy for them to make money – they want Joy!

For Operators it’s plug and play! We’ll integrate our content from our Games Servers and get our games on their site quickly and efficiently. JoyGaming makes life simple for operators:

  1. 1.     Access to a growing database of unique and innovative games content
  2. 2.     Easy games integrations
  3. 3.     Reduced Transaction Costs

It makes life easy for them to make money – they want Joy!

For Players, there’s a new trustless environment. They can check the status of the game play for any given spin at any time. They are secure in the knowledge that the system is robust. What’s more payments are instant – there’s no waiting for a processor to transfer their cash from the casino operator’s accounts to their own. Add this to an ever increasing numberof new games and content and it shows how JoyGaming has the player at heart:

  1. 1.     New, innovative content
  2. 2.     No need for trust – it’s a safer system
  3. 3.     Instant payout of winnings

It makes life easy for them to win money and have fun – they want Joy!

Players, Operators and Developers want the same thing: openness, fairness and greater opportunity:

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By building games, not for our own casino, but for multiple casinos we should be able to rapidly build revenues and see a lot of momentum for the cryptocurrency. For instance, a popular game on any given casino can see wagers of thousands per day.

Game X Daily wagers £10,000
Game X Daily Theoretical Hold £500
Game X Generates £182,500 over a year.

We aim to achieve a goal of 50 registered casinos after a year, with 100 games available. If we can have all 100 games achieve the performance of the game in our example, then we’d see over £9M in revenue generated by the games. Our Goal is to reach 10 times this level, with Joy Gaming taking 5% of these revenues. Within two years, our ambition is to see games across 100 licensed casinos.

Whether a player plays in tokens or Fiat, our JoyTokens will be in demand!

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June 2017

$500,000 Seed Funding

October 2017 – Onboard advisors from industry and blockchain

November 2017 – JoyGaming Foundation Established

November 2017 – Speaking at Blockchain Expo

December 2017 – Demo Slot Machine using Smart Contracts

December 2017 – Application for Gambling Developer License

December 2017 – Launch of JoyGaming Platform for Developers

March 2018 – Outreach to Gambling Operator’s Distribution Networks

June 2018 – First Big Event “2018 World Soccer Guessing Game Campaign” and more promotional activities

July 2018 – Different math models for all kinds of casino games, integration with crypto wallet on Playcosmo, processing more commercial partnerships with casinos

August 2018 – Internal Games Launched on PlayCosmo

September 2018 – Onboarding of First Developers and content integration with GS

October 2018

first Games Server Online

October 2018 – All initial content on PlayCosmo

October 2018 – Roll out of Joy Content to other operators

November 2018

Multiple Games Servers up and running, Stable coin in Test Mode

December 2018 – Expand into fixed odds games and stable coin live to improve game experiences

February 2019 – Enter into sports wagering given the relaxed US regulations for sports book on the federal level

June 2019 – Start Integration of Joy Gaming Coins with Offline Casinos


Top 50 - Hurun 2018 Blockchain Companies List


Andrew MacDonald
20 years of experience in Retail and Online gaming working for major blue-chip companies. Successfully applying marketing retention techniques focussing on the individual player as well as ensuring quality game offerings to promote business growth. A keen troubleshooter with a strong data focus.
Mike Leys
Over 34 years of professional experience, including 30 years in marketing sector. Senior Manager and senior marketing specialist with knowledge and proofed involvement in all areas of on and offline marketing and ecommerce across the world. His sector experience includes iGaming, entertainment, mobile, retail, financial services. Since 2005 in the iGaming sector - successfully launching a number of online gaming sites with a focus on attracting quality players.
Steve Giordano Imbroll
Full 10 years of Software Development experience, 7 years of Business Intelligence, Banking and Finances. High skilled product developer for, a.o., Sony, Uber & PKR Technologies. Professional juggler of multiple requests from various departments. Visioner on the intricacies of the company’s performance. Recently fascinated with Gaming and Securities.
Nathen Lockett
Compliance Specialist
Recently graduated from a Red Brick British University (Laicester) with a strong Law qualification. CRM Consultant and Compliance Specialist. Passionate about online gaming and a first-class mind. Have a fresh perspective for the ever-changing gaming environment.
Adam Spargo
Marketing Partner Specialist
Over 7 years of marketing experience in the online gaming industry, with a focus on new player acquisition and a proven track record of developing new business. Heavily involved in the day to day management, Marketing, CRM, Brand, Social Media, Events Management and Sponsorship and the VIP Programme.
Grzegorz Dymek
Site Leader / Backend Developer
13 years of experience in IT sector. 11 years in gambling projects. Likes to build projects from scratch. Currently working on 3rd casino system. Game designer, mathematician, system architect and developer.
Michał Huppert
Backend Developer
20 years of experience in IT sector: programmer & project manager. Over 10 years in casino systems. He created many publications of photogrammetry and remote sensing. He graduated geodesy, but his true passion is IT area.
Mykola Kapravchuk
Leader Frontend Developer
More than 9 years of experience in applications, games and interfaces. Technical supporter for customers, web-applications and CRM systems. Expert in HTML5 . Scrupulate designer and experienced databases developer. Highly motivated leader of front-end development.
Sławomir Król
Mobile Developer
5 years of valuable experience in the Mobile Engineering industry. Specialist in various technologies, including Swift, Obj-C, Java and Kotlin. The author of applications sewn from scratch and used by hundreds of thousands of users. Likes to help people on stackoverflow. Fresh cryptocurrencies enthusiast.


Mateusz Mach
Forbes 30 Under 30. COO of the Opus Foundations - music streaming platform based on Ethereum and IPFS. Advisor to many blockchain based projects running his own Ethereum focused software development company.
Keld Knudsen
More than 30 years’ experience with blue chip and multinational organisations including American Express, Fujitsu Siemens Computers,, Macromedia and Unibet. 8 years’ experience of online gaming, joining Mr Green as CFO during the early start-up phase. With a focus on the big picture, he is passionate about driving strategic and business development through financial information and data intelligence.
Justin Jovanovic
Justin is the Chief Operating Officer of investFeed - the leading cryptocurrency social network – powered by over 105,000+ crypto specific investors and enthusiasts since transitioning into Beta in January 2018. Justin has been a part of several successful ICOs, including investFeed’s, and has a passion for progressive decentralization and blockchain innovation.
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